Fish tank

April 05, 2006

This lunchtime, Mattgreen and I went over to the garden centre. We were in the cafe and I was looking at the fish tank they have there.

Alicey: Mattgreen, do you think your Dad would like an urn, on its side, blowing infinite bubbles for his fishtank?
Mattgreen: (exasperated sigh) No... he likes to keep it as realistic as possible.
Alicey: Oh right.
Alicey: How about a plastic fairy castle, then?
Mattgreen: No.
Alicey: When we get a fishtank, we're going to have a plastic fairy castle.
Mattgreen: No we aren't.
Alicey: We are, because I want one and I bet the DB wants one too.
Mattgreen: (resigned) OK, but no plastic divers.
Alicey: OK.
Alicey: You see that fishtank has got a background? Can we have one of those?
(Gestures towards fishtank, which has a blue-tinted print of plants and foliage at the back of the glass)
Mattgreen: (brightening) Yes, that's OK.
Alicey: Excellent. We'll have one with airbrushed unicorns and dolphins! To match the castle!!
Mattgreen: (frowning) I don't think so...
Alicey: YOU ALREADY SAID YES! (Triumphantly) You shouldn't have said yes!

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