Dog update

April 26, 2006

Well, it's been a while since I last posted about dogs, and even though everybody (read: Mattgreen) is sick of me going on about it, I thought I'd write a bit more.

We went to see some Briards. Seven of them in fact. They are gorgeous dogs, but much bigger than we were expecting. Also, Isabel was just ever so slightly terrified of them.

Tibetan Terriers live for 15-17 years, and can't be left for more than 3-4 hours. So that means I have a maximum of 3-4 hours out of the house for the next couple of decades. A reality check made us realise that probably wasn't a good idea.

Labradors. We just don't really want one. It's not that they aren't nice dogs, it's just that they're the easy option. In our family, we like to make things as difficult as possible (I wish I was joking). Also, Mattgreen really wants a dog that's a bit different.

So. After much going round in circles, we've decided that we do want an Estrela Mountain Dog after all. That was the dog we saw at Crufts and all fell in love with. They're a giant breed, so we will need a new car. And (sooner or later) a new house. But other than that, they seem perfect. And let's face it, we needed a new car and house when Isabel was born, and getting a puppy is not that dissimilar to having a baby, so I'm cool with that.

We've decided to go to the National Dog Show next month to meet the breed. If Isabel is still fine with them, we're going to start looking into getting a puppy. Mattgreen has even agreed that we can get the puppy before September if we find the right litter before then. So I am basically cautiously optimistic on the surface, and SUPER TURBO MEGA EXCITED on the inside.

Please send tips on how to convince spouse that a dog is a good idea!
Alicey's Special Persuasion Method

Serves 1


Duct tape
Bag of six inch nails
Cook's blowtorch
Small fruit knife or apple corer
Ravenous weasel (can substitue a stoat if weasels not in season)
Ball gag
Household rubber gloves

1. Remove the weasel from its container...
But think of those giant poos! :o)
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