Not so minor surgery

March 09, 2006

I had my surgery yesterday. I was having a cyst removed from the side of my face. It was under my hair so you couldn't really notice it, but I didn't like it so it had to go.

It turned out to be less minor than I thought. In fact it was all pretty nasty. It is really horrible being in an operating theatre when you're awake, but can't hear or see anything and are covered in sheets and blankets like a mummy. I could only hear distant, disembodied voices and the beeping of the machinery. It was claustrophobic. And then they injected me in the face a few times. That wasn't too great either. In fact the whole thing was pretty rough. Here is my hideous scar:

Tomorrow we are going to Crufts. Mattgreen has expressed some concerns about how much Isabel is going to enjoy it. He said, "If I had to name two things which Isabel really dislikes, they would be 'large crowds' and 'dogs'. So we are taking her to.... Crufts".

He has a point. Isabel is a bit frightened of dogs. And she definitely is scared of large crowds. Oh, and she insists on calling it Crusts. So tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

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