Ham and jam. Jam and ham.

March 13, 2006

This morning I wandered into the kitchen where Mattgreen was making his sandwiches. He had a packet of ham and a jar of jam on the counter.

Alicey: Mattgreen, why have you got the jam out?
Mattgreen: Oh, I had a mental block, I thought it was the chutney.
Alicey: Oh right. (Notices Mattgreen's sandwiches already made on the counter)
Alicey: You mean you've actually made ham and jam sandwiches?!
Mattgreen: Yes.
Alicey: (laughing)
Mattgreen: I might as well eat them now. They'll probably be OK.

This afternoon, 12.58pm.

I get a text message from Mattgreen. It reads:

"Sandwich update: jam/ham is NOT a combo"

I laugh out loud.

This afternoon, 13.02pm.

I get a multimedia message from Mattgreen (he has just got a camera phone). It contains the following picture:

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