March 11, 2006

Crufts was totally brilliant. We had an excellent day. Isabel was hardly scared at all, even of the big dogs, because they were all so well-trained. She got more confident as the day progressed and it has definitely helped her behaviour around dogs. She particularly enjoyed watching the agility trials.

My favourite part was Discover Dogs, the part where they have 180 different breeds and you can go up and stroke them and talk to their owners. It was excellent. Isabel was particularly keen on fluffy white dogs, like this and this. Mattgreen wouldn't be seen dead walking a pom-pom on legs.

The bad news:

Isabel was scared of the Newfoundlands and refused to touch them. Mattgreen said, "Absolutely no way, definitely not, we are not having one of those. Have you seen the size of them?!"

Actually, yes I had seen the size of them, I was just hoping he wouldn't notice...

The Leonbergers, another dog which I liked, were also absolutely gargantuan. St Bernards - huge. Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes - Mattgreen didn't like them. We both liked the otterhounds, but they are destructive if left alone and shred everything in sight.

The good news:

We found a breed we all liked! When we got home, I looked up Estrela Mountain Dog on the internet and they're perfect! They're good with children. You can leave them alone. They don't need too much walking. They aren't sickly, and they don't need loads of grooming. Phil will even be pleased to hear they make excellent guard dogs. They're about the size of a German Shepherd.

Next, I have to do tons of research. I'll keep you posted.

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