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March 30, 2006

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. Life has been a bit hectic.

On Saturday I went to Michelle's hen night - really enjoyed cocktails and dancing - both essential ingredients for a good night out! Got home at 12.45am, which was really 1.45am because the clocks went forward, then had to get up at 5am to collect Simon (my brother) from RAF Brize Norton.

I dragged poor Izzy from her bed and we all went off to collect him. Simon had told us his flight arrived at 7.15am, but it turned out it was actually 8.15am... and by the time he got through Customs it was 9am. Who wants an extra 1 hour 45 minutes in bed anyway?!?

It was great to see him, he hasn't changed AT ALL other than he's got a bit more assertive, which is excellent. Except that I can't force him to do my website for me anymore, dammit. Or persuade him to 'lend' me the GORGEOUS sheepskin rug he's brought home from Antarctica. Dammit.

April is going to be mental. I have two OU courses to complete - both final assignments are due on the 28th. We are attending two weddings, one of which I'm doing the wedding cake for. It's my birthday. My brother's coming to visit. We're going to Wycombe to pick up our new computers. I'm still spending hours and hours every day thinking about dogs. (Current breed shortlist: Briard, Tibetan Terrier, Labrador). My diet and exercise are both in a bad way, but at least I'm not smoking.

I have just got to keep my head above water for April and then things should get easier.

I vote for the Labrador!

We currently have one pure lab and one lab/shepard mix.

They are the best dogs in the world. I will send you some photos.
I vote for the TT, beautiful dogs and no moulting :o) Karen
I vote for any kind of devil dog.

But whatever dog you get, we must dress it in a hilarious dog costume!

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