February 24, 2006

I am in Paris!

I've had a great time today (see my Flickr for pictures).

I've only had 4 hours sleep, yay! I've been to the hypermarket (got told off for taking photos), the Louvre (stared at the Venus de Milo's arse) and drunk most of a bottle of Sancerre on my own.

It's great!

Tomorrow I'm going up the Arch (de Triomphe), to the Bois (woods) and then going out to dinner in the evening. After that we are going up the Champs Elysees to look at the lights. I've climbed on a sink to "Ooooh" at the Eiffel tower, found a gorgeous print to have framed (like our house needs more pictures) and astonished a variety of people with my godawful French.

Goodnight! More soon. xxx

P.S. Double expresso is the tech.

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