January 14, 2006

My OU course about fat has nearly finished and it's been really interesting, although a little hard going at times. As a result, I decided to give up dairy products for a while. Did you know that humans are the only species who drink the milk of another? And that it's a very recent habit (in evolutionary terms)? Also, if you start thinking too closely about eggs and what they are (chicken menstruate, anybody?) it is all quite disgusting.

So, I decided to go vegan for a bit. I figured that last time I was vegan (about 10 years ago) I lost loads of weight so it would combine handily with my New Year's Resolution.

So far, I am really enjoying being vegan - it's flexing my cooking skills, I feel much much better (it's like detox!) and I like the variety. Fresh soya milk is much nicer than the UHT stuff that was available last time I was vegan. However, I'm not losing much weight. You can eat loads of chocolate being vegan now 70% cocoa solids stuff is much more widespread. Oh well.

Today I baked these Vegan cookies. They are totally lush!

Having said all that, I will be quite happy to tuck into one of Mossy's steak ciabatta sandwiches in a few weeks. Mmmm. Guess I'm not such a great vegan after all!

Kryten: Greetings, fellow human! Ah, breakfast, my very first meal! Boiled chicken ovulations -- delicious!
Dammit, I hate veganism, and the reason for that is its so bloody good for you. You KNOW you should be vegan. It makes you lose weight, be kind to animals, eliminate vile ingredients from your diet that you try not to think about (i.e. chicken ovulations), its a great detox, it makes you live ethically, live cheaply (sometimes), it gives you loads of vitamins leading to great skin, hair and nails and gives you a glow of self satisfaction that can't be beaten.
But it doesn't half interfere with your consumption of KFC.
I still regret giving up veganism
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