Belated New Year's Resolutions

January 07, 2006

Sorry I've been away for ages. I had an extended Christmas holiday this year and I'm only just getting back into the swing of things.

Last year's New Year's Resolutions have gone surprisingly well. I've completed my course. I've made more of an effort to stay in touch with friends (more is a relative term, of course, but in 2004 I had a wedding to organise and barely spoke to anybody I knew all year). Mattgreen himself says I have much improved at blaming things on other people - praise indeed! I have given up smoking. And although I haven't started running again because I'm still studying, I have started going to the gym again, and I love it.

So I am going to count that as five out of five. Go me!!

This year, I have just two resolutions:

1. Lose the 15lbs I've put on since the wedding and have been trying to get rid of for a year.

2. Get a dog.

I've always always wanted a dog, and we always said we would get one when Isabel goes to school. She goes to school in September.

We've got tickets for Crufts in March so we can go Dog Window-Shopping, as it were. Mattgreen is slightly less taken with the dog idea than I am (and is adamant that he wants a basset hound, whereas I would prefer something like a Samoyed). Hmm.

I think you should have an online vote to decide which dog type to have. I thought MattGreen's dog was cuter. The other one made me laugh, sorry
I thought I hated dogs until recently when I saw people with a husky kind of a dog. Even I had to admit they are beautiful but then thats becasue i like wolves i suppose. So the online vote is one each so far - shella for the bassethound and me for the white one which looks a bit more wolf like. although if it was up to me, no-one would have a dog :-)
PS - resolution 1. I'm hearing you.
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