My science course - result

December 15, 2005

You might remember that I spent 9 months studying for my Open University science foundation course.

I got my result last week.

Some of you will remember me tearing my hair out about an essay on Titan for my End of Course Assignment. I got 94% on that assignment.

My overall grade was 93%. That's enough for the Distinction I was aiming for.

And the icing on the cake? There was an overly-competitive bloke on my course who was always asking what I got for my assignments and I would never tell him. I couldn't face having him gloating over me if I didn't do as well as him. Of course, he was single with no commitments so he didn't have the same pressures as me. Also, he had a job which involved physics so he had a bit of background, whereas science was my worst subject at school and I had to drag myself through the course kicking and screaming.

He called me the day he got the results to tell me what he got, and find out what I got.

I KICKED HIS ASS! He didn't even get a distinction. How we laughed!! (Well, I did. Inwardly, obviously).

I am slightly ashamed to say that I'm more pleased to have beaten him than I am to have got the distinction. I guess my competitive streak hasn't gone away just yet.

Wow that's fantastic news. Grats to you :) All the hard work has paid off.
oh wow, fabntastic :-) i mean the opportunity to kick his ass of course, thought your grade was fantastic too. How about you get your friends to call him too and say 'My friend Alice got 93%. Did you get 93% too? Oh sorry, must have the worng number'
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