December 20, 2005

A few weeks ago...

Isabel and I arrive at her preschool. They have just put up their Christmas decorations, and there is a small table in the entrance with a Nativity scene on it.

Isabel: Oh look, it's the Baby Jesus!
Me: (non-committal) Mrm.

Side note - Isabel has picked up everything she knows about Jesus from preschool/nursery. I try to stay out of religious stuff because I so totally don't believe in it. When she's old enough she can decide for herself what to believe in.

Isabel (loudly): You don't like Baby Jesus, do you Mummy?
(Preschool teacher turns round sharply and glares at me)
Me: Er, shhh! Don't say that!
Isabel: But you don't! You think he's rubbish!

Lindsey Taylor was talking about this kind of thing yesterday. Her MIL wants to take Jude to a Christmas service and Lindz feels the same way as you.

We ended up talking about what Lindz would tell Jude about what happens after you die. At the moment she has no concept but to tell a little kid that when you die theres nothing must be pretty frightening. What do you think you'll tell Isabel when she understands the concept?
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