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October 25, 2005

the other day i was searching the internet for a hallowe'en costume for isabel, when i came across this website.

it will make your eyes bleed, i'm warning you. here's a quote:

"She is an experienced balloon decorator of 9 years and operates in and around Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton, and Northampton area’s mainly decorating wedding’s and party’s"

the apostrophe abuse! the typos! the run-on sentences!

but even this is not quite as bad as the signs outside the creche at my gym. i will try to get some photos in the next couple of weeks. they are just outstanding.

It does lead to the National Association of Balloon Artists & Suppliers, though, which has a brilliantly deadpan corporate logo. And "best practice" for releasing balloons in public.
papaya x

Still, you've got a way to go before you can beat a sign in a sandwich shop near me:

'Cheese / ham / sausage baggets £2.50'

You've got to stamp down hard on this sort of thing - people start out with just a little experimental infinitive splitting, maybe starting a sentence or two with a conjunction and b4 u kno it itz all gone titz up!!!!

- N!NJ^, r33l 3l33t k@0s kr3\/\/
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I'm sure that grafitti doesn't count, but 'your a wanker' made me think of you (in the nicest possible way, of course!)
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