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October 07, 2005

i gave up smoking on monday. i'd promised myself i would quit when i finished my course, and i decided that it was pointless to cut down to one a day, or whatever, because actually i just want to stop. so i have. surprisingly it hasn't been as bad as i was expecting - i suppose i didn't really smoke that much - it is NOTHING LIKE trying to give up from 20 a day. unfortunately i know from past experience that all resolve goes out the window if i have a few drinks, so i'm not going to drink at all for a few weeks.

i have also joined a new gym and have been going at every available opportunity, sometimes twice in the same day. i had forgotten how great it feels to push myself physically. i have got an impossibly tough programme featuring lots of hideous interval training. this involves running as fast as i can for 2 minutes, followed by speedwalking up gigantically steep hills for 2 minutes, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. i know, it sounds bloody awful, but i love it. i have also been swimming again and boiling myself in the hottest steam room ever. it's totally wicked.

now that my course has finished, i have discovered i have a gigantic pile of chores that have been building up over the last 10 months. for example, i haven't done any filing since january. i have finally sorted out the 473 photos in "latest pictures". today, i took the car in for a service which was 1000 miles overdue. i reckon it'll take months to catch up with everything that needs doing.

Getting to level in WOW?
Quote "i had forgotten how great it feels to push myself physically"

I'm so jealous, I really miss the gym :(
Quote "i had forgotten how great it feels to push myself physically"

I've never been there. To push myself physically has never, ever felt like an enjoyable experience. Isnt that weird?!
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