24 hours of hell

October 24, 2005

8.30pm: meet paul in the pub for a quick drink
10.30pm: stagger home from pub having consumed four pints in two hours.
2.00am: feel rather ill
6.30am: awoken by isabel shouting, "i need a weeeeeeeeeeee". get up, take her to the toilet, go back to bed with crushing headache.
7.00am: force down some breakfast. feel dizzy, tired and everything aches. think about taking paracetamol, but decide paracetamol is for wusses who can't handle their drink, and that's definitely not me. oh no.
8.30am: drive two hours back to stourbridge. feel like shit. it is absolutely pissing it down with rain. discover water is coming into the passenger footwell from somewhere and soaking the carpet. motorway is hideous.
10.30am: arrive home. carry loads of bags/isabel's bike/leftover cheesecake into the house in the pouring rain. isabel gets her trousers soaked walking in from the car. i dump all the bags and start making us lunchboxes. still have headache.
11.00am: leave for gym. so totally not in the mood for the gym, but have appointment with instructor and have booked izzy into creche so have to get money's worth. all my limbs ache as i force myself to get changed. instructor informs me that she's decided to make my impossibly difficult programme even harder. spend an hour doing cardio, feeling like shit.
1.30pm: eat lunchboxes in the car as we have got to go straight from gym to hospital for izzy's routine appointment. drive to hospital.
1.40pm: arrive at hospital. take ticket from barrier, spend 20 minutes driving around the pay and display car park in gigantic queue of traffic. give up and drive out again.
2.00pm: park outside somebody's house bloody miles away. take paracetamol because headache unbearable. walk to hospital, in pissing rain, getting soaked, dragging a recalcitrant isabel.
2.15pm: arrive at outpatients department with a few minutes to spare. queue up to speak to receptionist.
2.20pm: receptionist informs me we need children's outpatients, not normal outpatients. children's outpatients is on the other side of the hospital.
2.30pm: arrive 10 minutes late for appointment. they want a urine sample from isabel so i take her to the toilet with a little bowl and she pisses all over my hand. niiiice.
3.30pm: an hour and ten minutes late, we finally see the registrar. apparently izzy's doctor doesn't feel the need to actually set eyes on her. the registrar more or less says, "what are you doing here anyway?" even though they were the ones who told US to come in! apparently, isabel has to have two highly painful catheter-inserting examinations in the next six months. can't bloody wait for that.
4.30pm: go to mcdonalds. isabel and i share a milkshake, some fries and a fruit bag. on the way back to the car, isabel gets her trousers soaked again.
5.00pm: isabel plays world of warcraft, i lie on the bed only partially conscious.
5.30pm: frozen pizza for dinner, it's all i could manage.
6.30pm: put isabel to bed early. she chooses two long, boring princess books. i read them in monotone. she doesn't notice.
6.45pm: is it my bedtime yet?

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