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September 16, 2005

today is the first day of autumn properly - it's properly cold but the sky is bright blue. i've just walked izzy to preschool, tramping through fallen leaves and picking up conkers. i wore my new coat and actually needed it to keep warm. i love this time of year. winter is my favourite season and days like today remind me that it's coming. there's so much to look forward to: halloween, isabel's birthday and then christmas.

we've been busy lately. last weekend was soraya's wedding. the cakes were a success, and the wedding was really great. i especially liked the handfasting; it was so intimate and imbued with significance at every step.

that morning, isabel said:

"you're going to soraya's wedding, aren't you mummy? i've got an idea, why don't you wear your wedding dress?"

the thought of turning up to somebody else's wedding wearing my wedding dress had me in hysterics. soraya would've been speechless (in a bad way)!

then last sunday was our wedding anniversary. it was quite bizarre: for years and years our anniversary has been quite personal and private and then suddenly this year we suddenly got loads of cards. i wasn't expecting it at all. it's quite strange that so many people remembered even; i am useless with anniversaries, i don't even send my parents a card! we had a nice day though and i'm really glad we went to stowe - i was struck by the majesty of it all over again. the church my parents got married in has been demolished and it makes me really happy to think that stowe will still be there whenever i want to visit, for my whole life and beyond.

isabel told me the other day that she was going to get married at the same place we did. of course, she doesn't know what she's talking about (!) but i really like that idea all the same!

i had my final assignment for my science course back this week, so i have been able to work out my overall average for the continuous assessment, which counts as 50% of the course. it works out at 91% which is pretty good for somebody who hates science i reckon. now i just need to get 80% or better on my end of course assessment. my tutor thinks i can do it so that's a good sign. it's due on 4th october so the end is nigh. i am so glad; just one more nightmare essay and it's all over.

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