September 01, 2005

i can't believe it's september already. it seems unbelievable that this time a year ago, it was only ten days until my wedding. i remember those last few days being full of planning and organising, daydreaming about my honeymoon, checking the weather forecast every 30 seconds and desperately hoping everything would go according to plan.

this year i'm more preoccupied with soraya's wedding, as i'm responsible for making her wedding cakes! and our honeymoon seems like a thousand years ago. nonetheless, i keep thinking about our wedding day and what a TOTALLY AMAZING day it was. at the time i wondered if it was worth the gigantic hassle; a year later i can say with absolute certainty that it was.

on our wedding anniversary, mattgreen and i are going to go out for lunch, then visit stowe gardens (where we got married) and then later on i'm going to get my wedding dress out and put it on and watch our wedding video.

i can't wait.

Its unbelieveable isnt it... and you know, I still havent seen your wedding video! Can I borrow it sometime?
thanks Alice :-) you have really cheered me up. I was getting to the stage of actually dreading it because i am so desperate for everything to be ok. Only 2 days to go and i can honestly say i have not got 1 second to spare. i know i wont get any sleep, and i will be stressed out and hassled and panicked and THEN I get married...! i cant wait to be mrs tate but on the way to that is oh-so-much-to-do. what with that, then some people cancelling on us at the last min, then with Mick's death so soon after Karen's baby's death, its been insane...
but after reading your post i realised, I'm getting married - and I cant wait!!X
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