September 28, 2005

on the final night of big brother this year, channel 4 aired the first two episodes of an american drama about a plane crash on a desert island. it is called lost. i wasn't going to watch it but gordy talked me into it.

now i am utterly addicted.

every week i snuggle down on my sofa with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and izzy's furry tarantula for company and watch it. i have both my phones next to me so in case somebody dares to interrupt me i can just whisper, "call you back" and hang up on them without having to leave the television. gordy and i text each other in the adverts.

here are some texts from gordy i have on my phone:

He needs sleep! It's well edgy!
Grab the roots!

i have to be really careful reading american entertainment sites in case i ruin it for myself, because the second series has just started over there. i have actually thought about just buying the region 1 dvd and watching the entire series in a couple of evenings (yes, i would actually do that!) but then i'd have nothing to look forward to on wednesdays.

if you're not watching it you are SO missing out.

As you know I'm totally addicted too. I watch it on E4 so I'm one episode ahead. I wasn't going to watch it but ended up watching it on E4's Sunday night catch up when Richard was away on Steg's stag fest. I was scared.

Be really careful as I do know that a main character does die, thanks Heat magazine. I have to be careful not to read anything on the BW website.

I don't fancy any of the characters, Jack's chin is too pointy and I hate Sawyer's accent.
Hm, I got lazily addicted to the first series of 24, whenever that was, and ended up resenting the amount of time it had eaten up, when it finished. That I could have watched sixteen films instead. Did enjoy the premise of Lost, but it looked like it was just going to do the same thing to me.

I now spend every single evening watching at least two challenging and improving arthouse films consecutively, of course.
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