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September 03, 2005

the best thing about studying science at the open university this year is that it has helped me to realise my potential. this time last year i didn't think i could do a degree. if i can get a first (hopefully) in a subject i'm not even interested in, i can do anything. it is an incredibly liberating feeling.

today i spoke to the careers advisor from my morrisby profile (psychometric careers testing). he said that my verbal ability was so strong that i should seriously consider utilising it. he felt that my other abilities (numerical and perceptual) were strong enough that i could persue a degree in science or technology, and succeed, but that english was where my strengths really lie.

i am seriously considering doing an english degree. my studies so far are not useful in pursuing that goal so i would need to do a three-year full time degree.

from the university of wolverhampton's webpage, here are the careers open to me at the end of that degree:

"English graduates go on to work in commerce, the public services, journalism and other media, teaching at every level, publishing, advertising, the law, and a very wide range of other professions."


a gigantic beam of light has just lit up. english language is the way forward. screw science, screw psychology - i am not a scientist. i have been writing my whole life. i've been a journalist, an editorial assistant, and i've been writing these pages for eight years. THIS is what i want to do with my life. at last i understand.

it has taken me thirty years to work this out. now is not the time for second best. i am going to try for the university of birmingham's english language degree. you need a-levels of aab to get in there. i am even thinking about oxford. why not? i can do anything.


That's the kind of attitude you need!

You go!

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