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September 22, 2005

yesterday i borrowed a company car to go a chamber of commerce meeting (oh! the excitement!) in worcester. the car i used actually belongs to the daughter of the directors, so i didn't want to mess around with it too much. after moving the seat, the wing mirrors and the rear view mirror, i decided not to even attempt fiddling with the radio.

side note: it really pisses me off when i get back in my car after mattgreen has been driving it only to find that classic fm has been changed to radio 2.

so: i listened to the radio station that she had preset. it was brmb, a local birmingham radio channel. on the way home, they had a series of songs chosen by terry, a lorry driver who is clearly stuck in the 80's.

here are his choices:

'bat out of hell' by meatloaf
'red red wine' by ub40
something i'd never heard of by electric light orchestra
and to cap it off...

'poison' by alice cooper

i am astonished that people like terry still exist. his choices actually caused me physical pain. he should be ashamed of himself, inflicting torture on innocent victims like that. i bet he hasn't had a shag in years.

Are you still going with your thing of always being cutting-edge enough to never embarrass your daughter, then? What's on your iPod at the moment?
And just what is wrong with 'Bat Out of Hell' by Meatloaf?

Darn kids these days.
For the record I listen to Mark Radcliffe in the ten minute drive home from the games club every week. It's just that he happens to be broadcasting on Radio 2 at the moment.
Matt... Radio 2?! Tschhh I'm shocked. Since when did you age 10 years?
soraya x
Look, no. Stop it. I don't "listen" to Radio 2. I listen to Mark Radcliffe wherever he may broadcast. No Wogan, no Jonathan Ross. My music taste keeps it real as best it can. All the cool kids are listening to Big Country, The Delays and Luscious Jackson. right?
Oi, dont knock big country, I quite like them (walk of shame) ...speaking of Terry Wogan reminds me of a hideous incident. Well, actually two - the first is that when I was in the library looking for CDs from which to nick music for our wedding, I found one which had Terry Wogan on the front wearing a cardigan and it was called 'Top o' the Mornin' (it was hits from his R2 show). Shudder.... also, my little sis almost got run over by Terry Wogan. In response to his 'Sorry' she said 'You're Terry Wogan!'. We're very observant.
Soraya x
Hawkwind for teh win!
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