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August 23, 2005

i have had back the results of my psychometric careers testing. it is all very interesting.

first of all, they warn you that most people fall in the "average" category. on the next page, it shows how you did:

pretty good huh? i was surprised at how well i did at the things i expected to be weak at, like numerical and mechanical ability. by the way, 'verbal skills' also includes literacy e.g. writing and comprehension. also, notice the way they make the ends of each score into arrows to try to fool you into believing you're not really a dumbass. heh. my spatial ability is barely scraping out of 'average' yet the way they present it, it looks like its well into 'high'.

the report is sixteen pages long with comments on every test, and then at the end they tell you the twelve careers your abilities and interests are most suited to.

in my case, these were:

educational psychologist
advertising copywriter
public relations officer
civil service: manager
technical writer/author
university/college lecturer
media researcher

interesting, huh? there is a bit of a theme going on there i think.

of those, the ones i like the look of are:

teacher (was already on my shortlist)
journalist (but i am not sure i have the skills to really excel, and i can't bear the thought of writing about lost cats for the local newspaper for the rest of my life)
editor/publisher (i know i could do this - i used to be an editorial assistant - but i'm not sure i'd feel like i was making a difference)
media researcher (fearsome competition but a very interesting job)
educational psychologist (woah there! you have to be a teacher first)

so... what to do next? well - every single one of these requires a degree. so it looks like i need to do another course next year. there are two open university courses i like the look of: exploring psychology and understanding media. unfortunately the open university don't do any english language courses that i think i'd enjoy, and they don't do journalism courses at all.

i could go for a psychology or social sciences named degree with either of those choices, but really that would only be useful for teaching. or i could join a traditional university at the end of next year and complete a full-time degree in two years.

so, what am i going to do?

i still have no idea but i feel like i'm getting closer to finding out.

Do you want a job?

lol I was about to say i find your writing a ton more interesting than alot of the folks i used to work with at Future. why not look into some freelance work to get your feet wet? I am sure Gordy could hook you up and extra cash ia always good right?
That was meby the way
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