August 05, 2005

i made the mistake of opening the new boden catalogue yesterday. i know i can't afford boden clothes, but i lust after them, and reading the catalogue is a form of self-flagellation that i should avoid.

it's too late. the damage is done.

i found the perfect jacket. i've needed a jacket i can wear with jeans since time began. i love the style, it comes in black, it's just exactly what i want.

the problem is: we so can't afford it. we're currently even more broke than usual and i just cannot justify spending £90 on a jacket when we're already in debt.

the other problem is: if i don't buy it, it's going to haunt me forever. for example, three summers ago i saw a white dress i liked and tried it on. it looked great. we couldn't afford it so i didn't buy it. i still regret it. i still think, "i could've worn that dress today... IF I'D BOUGHT IT".

do i put it on my credit card and leave it there until i can afford to pay for it? or do i resist temptation and face the inevitable regret later?

your comments please.

Its a tough one...

If you plonk it on your credit card, you may then fall into a downward spiral where you can justify doing it again and again...

However, if you know that it will be a staple of your wardrobe and that you have 'seen' this in your minds eye forever, then go for it!

Alternatively, you could chance it and wait for the inevitable Boden sale! (if I were you, I'd buy it and be strict with yourself for a couple of months :oD)
if i were you i wouldnt buy it. i'd shop around on the internet - given that high street fashion is based on interpretation of catwalk fashion, you're bound to find something similar and slightly more affordable elsewhere.
Unless of course you're buying it for the label, in which case, nothing less will do!
soraya x
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