ceramic hedgehog

August 25, 2005

last weekend, isabel received a ceramic hedgehog as a gift from a friend of my parents. it had some writing on the box, which i read out to mattgreen:

alicey: "landlady of the rose and crown, mrs hedgehog is always up early to sweep the floors, dust the bar and polish the glasses before opening time. when she is not helping her husband behind the bar, she is busy in the kitchen preparing meals and snacks for her customers".
mattgreen: (carrying on without a pause) "by night, she led the women's armed resistance, tumbling silently across the burrows and rooftops of the small hamlet".


isabel: why does mrs hedgehog looked so sad?
alicey: oh, probably because she has to spend all day doing the washing up because her husband won't even do it for her.
isabel: (glancing at mattgreen kipping on the sofa, then noting matter-of-factly) our husband is sleeping, isn't he?

aaah, that is priceless! Bless her.
soraya x
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