team spike go to alton towers

July 27, 2005

on monday, matt, will, gordy and i all took a day off work to go to alton towers.

we got up at 6am.
we drove towards the m6.
we got stuck in a gigantic traffic jam for an hour.
we stopped at a garage because izzy needed a wee.
we found out the m6 was closed at the junction we wanted to get on, in both directions.
we turned round and drove for another 40 minutes to the next junction.
we got half a mile before the car broke down.

nevermind, eh? we sat on the hard shoulder until the aa man turned up (we had to wait ages because he also got stuck in the traffic) and towed our car to the nearest garage. then we went bowling in stafford.

I love how me and Will look like we're having a great time and mattgreen looks utterly DESPONDENT. lol.

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