July 09, 2005

i'm tired tonight. i should be studying, but i'm not in the mood. i've already done 3 hours today... there's only so much oxidation of glucose i can take.

we all know what happened in london now. i think everyone agrees it was absolutely inevitable. you can't stand around going 'slurp slurp' to george bush all the time and expect the terrorists to ignore you. sooner or later they're going to call in. to be honest, i think we got off quite lightly. it must be very hard for the families who have people missing. i think i'd cope better with death than disappearance.

thank god we voted tony blair back in. i mean, can you imagine michael howard at g8, trying to deal with this. even tone seemed quite shaken up when he was standing there with the eyes of the world's leaders boring into his back. michael howard would've been a total disaster area. and let's not even mention charles kennedy. you've got to hand it to him, blair knows how to handle himself under pressure. i don't agree with everything labour do, but i was grateful to have them in power on thursday.

and then there is the frivolous stuff. like maxwell being voted out of big brother. i loved maxwell, he was my favourite housemate this year. i would so rather hang out with him and saskia than with a bunch of moaning, bitching, vain drama queens. i can't believe the public voted him out. it's the turning point of the series for me. i don't think i'll bother watching the rest apart from the evictions. i liked big brother because when it got to 10pm i could say, that's it, time for me to switch off and snuggle down in front of the tv before i went to bed. i guess now i'll be doing even more studying. hooray! bring on the electron transport chain!

isabel is going through a screaming phase. sometimes it seems like all she does is scream, all day long. it is...wearing. i ask her to do something, she says no and screams, i tell her she can have a treat if she does it. she doesn't do it, i warn her, i warn her again, she screams that she wants her treat. eventually i am forced to follow through and tell her she can't have her treat, gargantuan screaming follows. on friday i had to carry her around sainsburys whilst pushing a full trolley because she refused to get off the floor. nightmare.

in good news, she can totally write her name perfectly legibly without any help. she is starting to ask what the letters are in words and trying to write them. she drew a picture of me the other day and wrote "mummy" underneath it really very well. she is such an angel at times and a horror at others. thankfully it will pass. eventually.

mattgreen has gone to a game con tonight and will be back late tomorrow, before leaving again monday morning on business and not coming back until friday night. i'm going to miss him.

studying is going okay. i posted my sixth tutor marked assignment today - only two more to go. i resent the time it takes more and more. i especially resent the fact that i'm losing my entire summer. roll on october! i can't believe i'm thinking of doing another one next year, i must be a secret masochist.

i'm tired. night night.

I hated maxwell
if you met him in real life Alice he'd be staring at, or trying to grope yer tits and doing that awful tongue thing he does

I cheered when it was announced he was going

I dont want any of 'em to win to be honest

bring back michelle bass

now she was 'off the HOOK'
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