comedy moments from our holiday

July 25, 2005

mattgreen, isabel and i went to somerset last week for a holiday. we had a very relaxing time. we even managed to get sunburned which is pretty impressive for a british holiday. we stayed in a cottage which had the world's smallest garage. the visitor's book was full of comedy classics including various people who had pranged their cars, followed by later visitors pouring shame upon them for being shite at parking. there was even a page marked, "garage hall of fame" featuring people who had squeezed in gigantic vehicles such as a seven-seater renault espace, a subaru imprezza, a volvo estate and, defying belief, a bentley 8.

here are some pictures of mattgreen attempting to reverse our (really quite small) car out of the garage:

the little thatched cottage we stayed in was called 'oak cottage'. when we arrived, mattgreen announced, "oak cottage eh? well, i think I'LL be the judge of that!" and set about examining the beams. apparently they were not actually oak but rather scot's pine painted black. suitably scathing commentary was left in the visitor's book.

one night we were awoken by a very bright light. mattgreen went to investigate and discovered it was the next-door-neighbour's rather fearsome security light which was tilted at an angle that shone directly into our bedroom window. mattgreen muttered darkly that it was like a new dawn was upon us.

we also went to the zoo where izzy held a tarantula - i kid you not. she showed no fear whatsoever and was most impressed at how furry it was. that's my girl! or maybe, that's the entomologist's daughter. like father like daughter?

(larger version of this pic will be on flickr soon - if you don't have access just drop me an email)

it was a lovely holiday and my mobile phone is still full of sand.

I am SO impressed with Isabel. My dream child will have no fear when faced with deep water, sprouts or spiders.
soraya x


That garage picture is quite horrible. :) But considering my driving record in England, you understand my fear.

Izzys hands look amazingly small compared to that spider! Just how large was it?
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