wimbledon cruelty from mattgreen

June 21, 2005

mattgreen and i had a day off work today to decorate our lounge. i insisted on having the tim henman match on while i painted the walls.

currently, the players are taking a quick break between the fourth and fifth sets. it looks like henman is going to win at this stage. his opponent, nieminen, is currently on his honeymoon according to the commentators.

mattgreen: i wouldn't bother coming back if i was him. he's on his honeymoon, might as well call it quits and go to the hotel room.
alicey: (laughing)
mattgreen: not that he's going to get any action anyway, cos his wife's going to think he's got no staying power. if he couldn't capitalise on a two set lead, it shows he's not really committed. it'll be an early night for her!

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