stinky phone

June 15, 2005

yesterday afternoon, an extremely fat and sweaty telecommunications salesman came and sat in my stuffy office for an hour. he was wearing a ridiculous amount of very stinky aftershave to mask his b.o. problem. it was pretty bad. after he left, several of my colleagues commented on the smell.

while he was here, he used my telephone. this morning i picked up my phone and i could still smell his aftershave! it was so disgusting i went and got some flash all-surface cleaner from the toilet and scrubbed my phone down with it.

this afternoon, i went to make another phone call and the disgusting stench had returned. i don't know what aftershave he was wearing but it sure had staying power. i asked mattgreen what i could use on my phone that was stronger than flash. he suggested alcohol.

one of my colleagues produced a vat of iso-propyl-alcohol. i drowned my phone in it, and still the faint whiff of aftershave remains.

our telecommunications contract is not being renewed. when will they learn!

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