return to wimbledon

June 30, 2005

on sunday i'm going to wimbledon again. i love love love tennis, especially wimbledon - i don't care who we see, i'm just ecstatic to be there. my dad called me from paris yesterday to tell me that he's booked us a meal in the debenture restaurant: a pimms reception, followed by a three course meal, followed by afternoon tea. the weather is predicted to be much better than last year. my dad is extremely generous and loves his granddaughter very much, so i am optimistic i can convince him to buy her this.

i am getting into that state where i am so excited about it that i daren't think about it because if i do, it'll take over and i won't be able to get on with anything else. i am prone to extreme excitement about big events: my wedding; my solo trips to bath to spend the weekend partying; my birthday. mattgreen thinks that it's insane to get to fever pitch over such things but i really can't help it. that point where everything is organised and it's all just about to start and you can't wait is one of the best feelings in the world.

Awww that dress is so pretty!

You HAVE to get the hat and the socks too!!!
Your post is so true - dare I say the anticipation about the thing is sometimes better than the thing itself! I have got to the stage now where if my last day at work is on a Friday for example, before some time off, I start looking forward to the Thursday and think of that as my last real day. if that makes sense. God, if you can't get into a fever of excitement about something, whats it all about ?!
love soraya x
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