June 02, 2005

alicey: hey mattgreen, i've been reading this website and it's got this thing about setting goals. what you do is you just choose one goal you want to complete today, one for next month and one for next year, and you write them in a book. and you just keep doing it every day! i think i might do it, i could have goals like, "i won't have a cigarette today" or "i'll run for 40 minutes today".
mattgreen: or, "i won't go to the bakery today".
(this is a running joke: the bakery is the downfall of my diet, and virtually daily i wrangle with myself over whether to go and buy a chocolate nest or not. yesterday mattgreen went to the bakery and i said, 'don't buy a nest!' so he bought a giant cookie instead and i ate half of it. my diet is not going well)
alicey: no... how about, "i won't go to the bakery and buy a nest today"?
mattgreen: (laughing) and tomorrow you can have, "i won't go to the bakery and buy a cookie the size of a bin lid"!

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