crazy dream

June 01, 2005

last night i fell asleep in the car on the way home from work. as soon as i got in the house i went straight to bed. i finally got up at 8pm, couldn't be bothered to make dinner and fed mattgreen salad and pitta bread and chutney. then i went back to bed at 11pm, and didn't wake up until 8am this morning.

at some point during all this sleeping, i had the following weird dream:

i was in a garden centre and when i came out to my car, they had locked all the gates to the car park. mattgreen was on the other side of the gates, shouting that there was an open gate further along. i drove across the car park to the open gate and discovered it was at the top of a steep flight of stairs. there was a garden centre employee there who said, "it's all right, you can drive down these steps, just listen to my instructions". he started saying things like, "use a low gear and go down the first two steps, then turn the wheel to the right..." and i just decided, "nevermind that, let's go for it!"

so i slammed my foot down on the accelerator and the car lurched down the steps, and i lost control a bit and swerved from one side to the other. i could feel the underside of the car scraping down the steps and eventually the car ground to a halt. i tried to pull on the handbrake but the lever was all twisted and nothing happened. mattgreen came running up and i said, "oh no, the car's totally fucked, this is going to be expensive," and mattgreen said, "at least we still have the tax disc," and then i woke up.

what does it meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean?

i think that the garden centre is your life at the moment, you feel trapped.

the garden centre worker could be your tutor, offering you assistance on the unstable path to the end of your course.

mattgreens lack of concern about the state of the car represents your relationship with him, deep and without concern for the material. he puts your welfare first...

should i give up my day job already??
The garden centre might represent somewhere you've visited recently or have been thinking about doing, or even a 'normal' everyday scenario for the rest of yuor dream i.e of itself, not much relevance to your dream.

The stairs represent a scary situation but you have decided not to take someone else's advice and do it your own way. Though dangerous (!) this represents you being the decision maker, confident of your own choices.

You eventually end up at the bottom (at the end) and although a bit battered, the situation is not entirely wasted because you still have your...(tax disc)

Ta-daaaa! thats my two penn'orth. What a load of tripe I can come out with. Actually I'd be more concerned about your falling asleep frequency!
love soraya x
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