another letter

June 09, 2005

dear god of spawniness,

well, they say the lord works in mysterious ways. i didn't expect such a speedy response to my letter last night! you are indeed a merciful god.

your loyal servant,


it is a fucking cold day in hell that the inland revenue APOLOGISES TO YOU and GIVES YOU A GRAND. better put your coats on, eh? looks like we might get this house decorated this year after all :)

a bit of background:

the inland revenue overpaid our tax credits back in april 2003. i told them, i begged them to take the money back before i spent it, they insisted it was ours. i kept it until may 2004 earning interest, then we spent it on our wedding. in july 2004, they wrote demanding it back. i said no. they said you have to. i appealed against the decision. finally, in january this year, they sent a letter saying my appeal had failed and they would not reconsider without new evidence. i finally decided it was not worth any more hassle and gave up. then the above letter came today. i don't know how or why they have come to that decision now, but my god, it couldn't come a better time. long live the inland revenue! i take it all back!!


We can buy food this week!
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