things i keep in my car

May 04, 2005

there's a post today on attorneys suck about the items he keeps in his car for emergencies.

it got me thinking about the stuff i have for emergencies:

* a compass
* a map of the zoo
* a first aid kit containing bandages and calpol but nothing useful like plasters or aspirin
* a pair of knickers
* a white umbrella that my mother bought in case it rained at our wedding (it didn't)
* mr spoon man (a plastic toy to entertain izzy if desperate)

i don't think i'd want to be stuck in my car in a real emergency.


in other news: i have finally got my new camera! it's a slightly different model and better than the old one. i will try and get some new pics up soon.

isabel has started going through the night without nappies. she just decided on sunday that she wasn't going to wear nappies anymore and hasn't had a single accident! it has been almost too easy...

studying is still taking up most of my spare time. i'm onto chemistry now. its an improvement. world of warcraft is having to take second place at the moment.

the election is tomorrow. i will be voting. you should too.

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