May 01, 2005

since my birthday and the arrival of my ipod shuffle, i have started running again.
i have not had time to go to the gym since i started studying and i am getting fat, so running seemed like the only option.

i had totally forgotten how much i LOVE running.

on thursday i ran home from work. everyone should do this. it totally gets rid of all the stress of the day and gives you loads of energy when you get home. i reckon that within six months i will be able to run home faster than it takes mattgreen to drive.

today i went out and almost immediately it started to rain. i ran through the rain, listening to "where is the love?" by the black eyed peas, grinning like a madman. i felt sorry for people sitting at home because they were missing out. i can't explain it. running is so brilliant. i can't believe i've been away from it for so long.

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