i need a holiday

May 14, 2005

sorry about the lack of updates recently. i am not managing to keep on top of everything at the moment.

1. my course. it is killing me. i should be working right now but i just can't face it. the chemistry is quite hard, and i have another tma looming. the workload is getting worse. it is tough and it's going to get worse because we have some busy weekends coming up.

2. time. we are booked up every weekend until the end of july. a lot of it is fun stuff, like going to scotland for a long weekend and going to wimbledon again (i am so spawny) but nevertheless it means life is hectic. the kitchen floor desperately needs cleaning. the ironing mountain is piling ever higher. the car is filthy. i really have to defrost the freezer soon. i have been meaning to make a 20-minute phone call for a week but haven't had a free 20 minutes.

3. diet/exercise. i have not been running because i haven't had time, and my diet is slipping again. and i bought a packet of cigarettes today. this is a disaster. i have GOT to start getting my shit together or i am going to have to buy bigger clothes. i'm not sure what i'm going to do to improve this situation but it has got to be major and soon.

4. stress. i really feel under pressure at the moment, to the point where i just can't get on with anything because i'm too frantic with worry. this is shit. i literally pace about thinking: must remember to phone soraya about wedding cake, must work out costume for izzy's 'dress as character from a book day', must plant plants which are dying from being left in pots, must remember to book smear test, must sort out wedding video. and my weblog's sidebar does not display properly in firefox and it's pissing me off and i need to fix it. and on, and on...

5. ill. i think i'm getting sick. i've had a raging headache all day today, and now am having shivery chills. i haven't got the time to be sick at the moment. this had better be temporary.

please forgive me if i don't post much for a while. i can't keep up the pace. i really need a break.

p.s. i very rarely buy a lottery ticket, but i bought one tonight. i haven't checked my numbers yet, but i am optimistic that i have won millions because i'm naturally an incredibly lucky person and besides, i deserve it. if that is indeed the case, i will give most of it to gordy (a promise is a promise). however, i will definitely be keeping enough cash to employ a personal assistant. and maybe a cleaner. and a personal trainer.

edit: i did not with the fucking lottery. tossers. don't they know WHO I AM?!
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