what happens after you die?

April 13, 2005

the comments on the last post are really interesting. i could easily write another whole post just about those, but i haven't got time. this is a really hectic week for me.

instead, i am going to post something i wrote for my world of warcraft message board, in response to the question, "what do you think happens after you die?"

i'm not religious and i think that once you die, that's it, it's all over.

but... what i would LIKE to happen is...

i would like to be able to view my whole life over again but from a different perspective. i'd like to be able to see what would've happened if i'd made different decisions - how would they have impacted my life?

what if i'd married my childhood sweetheart?
what if my parents had got divorced?
what if i'd never lived abroad when i was a child?
what if i'd gone to university?

i'd also be able to see videotapes of all the conversations about me that i've never heard (maybe only the good stuff). you could also 'hear' thoughts and feel other people's feelings.

i.e. friends saying nice things about you when you weren't there. or finding out that people you fancied (but were too scared to tell) actually fancied you back. or finding out that 16 strangers had thought, "wow, i really like her red coat".

and, of course, you could go back and re-experience the way you felt at key points in your life. i would SO have my wedding day a few more times, for example.

and when you got bored of your own life, you could switch to other peoples. you could see your friends, or celebrities, or the lives of famous people in history. you could go and watch the apple fall on newton's head, or feel the way armstrong felt after he landed on the moon.

it would totally rock!!
yes, i do think i am slightly insane.

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