physics vs toddlers

April 22, 2005

i hate to say this but i am actually quite enjoying physics.
i know, i know. it's hard to believe.

but the nice thing about physics is its all so logical. a lot of things in my life are incredibly subtle and random. small things such as the colour of hairbands or the choice of cracker can lead to earth-shattering meltdown. physics is almost a break from that because you know, you can't lose energy like you can lose a plastic camera. gravity doesn't whine at you five thousand times a day that it wants to play barbie game. energy doesn't hide small rocks in the grass and break the lawnmower.

Good for you!

I love physics. Love it.

Frank (Oberion)
I take it all back. After 2 1/2 hours of raging at gravitational potential energy, I am at the point where I despise physics. And rearranging equations. I bet there is a lot of equation rearrangement in hell.

So, Obe. Fancy checking my assignment? :)
"I bet there is a lot of equation rearrangement in hell."

!! I bet there is! :-( I was quite looking forward to going to hell until you said that! ('cause i'm definitely going there. sex, drugs, blasphemy, alcohol, laziness, witchcraft, junk food, coveting my neighbour's ox... I've ticked all the boxes).
I honestly think that if hell contained one thing that could really bring me down it would be a class in which I'd be forced to work through differential equations or something until the end of time.
Soraya x
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