oh no. not again!

April 25, 2005

isabel has a unique and endearing method of protesting about having her hair brushed. basically you approach her wielding the hairbrush and she half-howls, half-shrieks, "oh no! not again! NOT AGAIN!!! i can't stand it!"

tonight i have been doing more physics and i just can't get her little voice out of my head.

first, a quote from the book: "Electricity is also involved in the control of all muscular and nervous activity in the body. Even the thoughts you have as you read these words are associated with electrical activity in your brain".

oh no. i didn't know that. it's like the carbon thing all over again, only even worse, because now they have reduced my entire body to a light switch. i don't like the idea of there being electricity going on inside me, that shit is dangerous. also, mattgreen has this phrase he uses: "put that in your mental microwave and see if it goes ping!" and to my horror it is now partially based in fact. i am never going to be able to laugh when he says that again.

and also - they have started going on about atoms having a nucleus. i have only just got to grips with CELLS having a nucleus. and atoms are not cells... or are they? maybe cells are made of atoms (because i know dna is a molecule, and that's within the nucleus of the cell...) which means cells have nuclei (sp?) which are made up of atoms with nuclei!!! NO! NOT AGAIN! I CAN'T STAND IT!

i swear to god i have no clue why i am doing this course. it is killing me. i don't need to know this stuff. blissful ignorance was great! hooray for blissful ignorance!

Yup, cells have nuclei which are made out of atoms which have nuclei, and the nuclei are made out of protons and neutrons, which are made out of six cute little guys called quarks (charm, strange, up, down, bottom and top - bottom and top are the gay quarks by the way) which are held together by gluons and all of this is made out of energy... we think... because as soon as you take any kind of measurement it knackers everything up.

So, bottom line, like I've always said, we're all just energy. Man.


c.f. The Matrix, I heart Huckabees
what freaks me out is that the universe is bigger than it is possible to imagine, and atomic-level particles are smaller than it is possible for us to imagine. and yet they're all composed of the same things as my eyelashes and a banana. Woah!!!
Soraya x
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