April 06, 2005

the other day i was at merry hill shopping centre and i picked up a copy of their magazine.

i glanced at the front cover and immediately noticed the model had a strawberry birth mark on her neck. "wow," i thought, "good for them employing a model who isn't completely perfect!"

then, a second later, i noticed something that looked like blood coming out of her mouth and nose. "wait a second... strawberry birth mark AND a blood-guzzling vampire? she's even got the piercing vampire stare... surely not..."

eventually i noticed that there was a huge pink blob around her hairline. i guess it was just a printing error then. how dull. i think they should put vampires on the cover more often, personally.

Scarily enough, they do - on the cover of Bite Me magazine. I used to advertise my clothes in this dodgy tome.
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