hot fuss

April 06, 2005

it is very rare i come across an album i love so much that i don't want to listen to anything else.

that album is HOT FUSS by the killers.

it is so going to be my favourite record of 2005. it actually came out last year but i didn't start listening to it properly until january and i still can't get enough of it. every song is amazing. mr brightside and all these things that i've done are both good enough to be #1.

the worst part is that i don't even own it yet. it's on my amazon wish list and as it's my birthday in a couple of weeks i am banned from buying myself stuff at the moment. if nobody buys it for me i am going to go out and buy it myself ON MY BIRTHDAY because i can't wait any longer. then i am going to play it relentlessly in the car until everyone in my family knows all the words and begs me to stop.

it's not often i say this, but you have to hear this album. really, you do.

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