funny things my daughter has said lately

April 05, 2005

isabel is sitting at the table, talking to a banana.

izzy: mmm, mmm, yummy banana. oh, there's a yukky bit. yukky, yukky.... that's grim!


we are in the car and we drive past a cemetery.

isabel: mummy, what's that there for?
alicey: oh, that's a cemetery, that's where you're buried after you die.
isabel: mummy, are you going to die?
alicey: errr, well, yes, but not for a very, very, very long time.
isabel: but if you die i won't have a mummy or daddy!

the next day, we drive past the cemetery again.

izzy: (pointing out the window) that's where you go to die!
alicey: (laughing) no isabel, that's where you go after you've died.
izzy: what do you do then?
alicey: what, after you've died?
izzy: yes.
alicey: err (pause) wellllll.... it depends what you believe in. some people think you go up to heaven to be with the angels.
izzy: i think i'll be an angel!!
alicey: err, or, maybe nothing happens at all and that's just the end of that.
izzy: i think i'll be an angel!!
alicey: (desperately) or! or! you might come back as something else! like .... a princess!! or.. a bird! can you say reincarnation?
izzy: re-in-car-nion. i might be a princess later but i think i'll be an angel as well.


isabel is in the garden. i am blowing bubbles and she is running around chasing them trying to catch them.

izzy: got it! got it! got it!
alicey: ok izzy, i think that's enough now, shall we go back inside?
izzy: no! no!
alicey: no really, it's time to stop.
izzy: oh no.... mean and harsh.

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