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April 01, 2005

okay, in a move blatently ripped from geordie's livejournal i'll post the names of ten bands and you then have to guess in the comments section which one of their songs i like the most. i'll edit the post if/when people get them right.

1. garbage [vow -alice]
2. drugstore [nectarine - ]
3. faith no more [we care a lot - ]
4. outkast [hey ya- alice]
5. counting crows [kid things - ]
6. voice of the beehive [i say nothing- alice]
7. nine inch nails [head like a hole- lee anne]
8. bush [glycerine - roj]
9. sisters of mercy [this corrosion- roj]
10. roxette [the look- roj]

yeah, i'll leave curve out of it. that would be unfair. lets see how many alice can get....

[curve - missing link from the cuckoo album]

Ok, me first....

No. 1. 'Im only happy when it rains'

No. 6. 'There's a barbarian in the back of my car'

When do we get the results????
1. Milk? Vow?

2. Could be anything. my favourites are Wayward Daughter and The Funeral.

3. I don't know any of their songs, you freak.

4. Hey Ya. The fact you chose this for our wedding reception is a slight giveaway ;)

5. That one that's at the end of the really long one with the silence at the end. Er.. title eludes me.

6. As L-A has taken the obvious one, I'll go for I Say Nothing

7. Weirdo.

8. Who?

9. Fuck's sake.

10. Are you having a turkish bath? I can't even name any of their songs! (thank god)

Mwah! mwah!

love wifey xx
1. Not a bad guess Lee-Anne. I played that when Alice told me she was pregnant. Alice got it with Vow, although she cheated and guessed twice. Milk is clearly the worst track off the first album. Vow is my favourite song ever.

4. Hey Ya. Shake-it, sh-shake-it...

5. Try harder Alicey.

6. I Say Nothing is bang on the money.
No. 7. 'Head like a hole'????
3. Probably "Surprise! You're Dead" or whatever that one's called.

8. Ex-Girlfriend. (You only call me when you're down...)

9. This Corrosion. I happen to know he actually knows the words to this one, by heart. Could be Floodland though, I suppose.

10. I'm guessing it's The Look.
3. Guess what! Guess again! Roj. Earlier than that.

7. It's as black as my soul Ms. Styles, well done.

8. Nice. Right album, wrong track.

9. Damn you Roj. I knew it was a mistake to play Gother than Though with you. Ding!

10. Yup. And I thought it was going to take my sister to post before someone got that one.
8. Dammit, now you've forced me to listen to the bloody album again. Possibilities...

Everything's Zen. Unlikely. Nice track, just not the best by a long shot.

Alien. Suitably tortured and gothtastic in its own, quiet way, but again I think this is an outlyer.

Swim. A possibility, but notable more for its intro than for the body of the song itself.

The rest of the album's a bit blah, so it comes down to either Machinehead or Glycerine. My money's on the latter.


Everything Zen? I don't think so.

Whilst Machinehead possibly has the best intro ever recorded I am a sucker for a string section and a good bass line. Glycerine it is, with Machinehead and A Tendancy to Start Fires from their second album close behind.
Since I know nothing about 2. and 5. nor about 3. that I haven't already posted, that just leaves...

11. Hell Above Water.



3) Hmm probably Epic, though i have been partial to Easy.
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