cake is the food of the devil

April 18, 2005

last night, i went to an indian restaurant with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday. lee-anne goes to the restaurant regularly and knows the waiters, one of whom asks her if he can have a piece of my delicious birthday cake (which she made).

lee-anne: alice, can he have a slice of cake?
alicey: sure! (cuts slice for him and passes it over)
waiter: (looking at cake, slightly hesitantly) does it have alcohol in it?
lee-anne: oh shit yeah, you're muslim... well, err, a little bit.
alissa: it's probably evaporated by now!
lee-anne: you won't even notice it!
waiter: (looking slightly uncomfortable) oh, ok, thank you. i'll try it.
(waiter leaves)
sukesh: (conspiratorially) he's going straight to hell.

Hehe, if the fruit cake doesn't send him there, I'm pretty sure that the slice of cake he scoffed from my 30th birthday party will! (photographic evidence available on request)
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