April 14, 2005

tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my birthday.

yes, that's right, i'm starting on friday and carrying on through until my hangover dissipates on monday. during that time, being on a diet and being a non-smoker are both temporarily suspended. i am also seeing every single one of my favourite people over the weekend (with the exception of my brother and i can't do much about that).

i love birthdays. especially mine. i am like a little kid. no wonder isabel gets excited about birthdays! this year i am having at least three cakes, two of which i have baked myself. i am going out for two meals in two different cities. i have created a special itunes playlist for the occasion. i am so excited!!

so. please allow me one final blaze of self-indulgence.

since i was 20 i have:
met the man i want to spend the rest of my life with
had the daughter i always wanted
got married
bought a house
owned five cars
been to ten countries
learned to drive
learned to cook
stopped being depressed

by the time i'm 40 i want to:
have a career that i love
be financially comfortable
be even more proud of my daughter than i already am
be even more settled and happy with my husband than i already am
have run a marathon
still be writing regularly

i love self-indulgent posts, they're the most interesting kind. I think you should do more!
soraya x
Happy Bday, my 30th is this year too.

As an aside, I was speaking to someone from Bath the other day possibly about flickr and your name came up, theyt were surprised I was still in contact with you. The last two posts are exactly why i still read your blog, i think if i just happened on it today without knowing you guys i'd still add it too my blogroll.
i hope i'm dead by 40, but it's good that you have bigger goals.
"i am also seeing every single one of my favourite people over the weekend" Ha. Hope you had a good one, though.
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