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March 16, 2005

i've been doing my new job for three months now. it's not what i expected. there's a lot of maths. some days i literally sit in front of excel for seven hours.

but, what i'm doing is important and it is keeping my husband's company in business. it is also a billion times more convenient and it's not stressful at all. i am learning some things about accountancy and bookkeeping that may be useful. i can also listen to my ipod at work and nobody cares, and i can tell you there's nothing like belting out dr dre to help you get through those spreadsheets.

to summarise: i'm still glad i left the ou. that place was killing me.

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Thanks for the advice, "Mary". You're the reason that the Internet is so wonderful.

Your advice does raise a few questions: What in the world IS Tramadol? Or Fioricet? And are your penis pills made from real penis?

Frank (Oberion)
I'm sorry Mary. I had to delete you. Mwahahaha! penis enlargement pills! ~I wanted to increase from 'unwieldy' to 'outrageously disproportionate'

Floricet is the safe, appropriate way to naturally enlarge your girth.

Dosage Guidelines:

Unwieldly: 1 pill, once daily.

Outrageously disproportionate: 1 pill, twice daily.

Like a baby's arm holding an orange: 1 pill, thrice daily.

'If I get even half a hard-on, I faint from a lack of blood to the head': 2 pills, twice a day.

Chaos Mutation: 2 pills, three times a day.
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