mmm, chocolate

March 02, 2005

the downside of studying "the earth and it's place in the universe" during my lunch break is that i can't stop thinking about galaxies.

D'you know what does my head in? The molecules that make up Galaxy chocolate are the same ones that make up galaxy universe.
You may henceforth eat chocolate in the name of science.
Mmmm galaxy, still my favourite chocolate. Have you tried the galaxy egg yet? OMG it's way better than all the other eggs.
Galaxy, Mars Bar and Milky Way... is this some kind of encoded reference to Mars chocolate being 'out of this world'? If you ate enough of 'em you'd be as high as a rocket anyway!

Does anyone remember Star Bars? Those sickly sweet pink chewy bars with unpleasantly sour hundreds and thousands stuck all over... I bet a few dental fillings have been sucked out by those bad boys!
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