good friday

March 27, 2005

on friday night we went bowling with lee-anne and sukesh. none of us are very good at bowling so it was all pretty relaxed and more about lager than high scores.

after the first game, which i won with a score of 109 including a strike and two spares, i said to mattgreen, "hey, it was worth going out with [alicey's ex-boyfriend who was good at bowling] for something!" i then tried to offer him some handy tips about how to improve his score of 65 or so.

halfway through the next game, mattgreen's technique had improved significantly, and he was easily beating the rest of us.

alicey: hey mattgreen, are you using my tips?
mattgreen: no, i have developed a new technique which is working rather well, i feel.
alicey: oh really? what's that then?
mattgreen: i visualise the face of [alicey's ex-boyfriend who was good at bowling] in front of the skittles and hurl the bowling ball at it as hard as i can.

mattgreen won the second game. heh.

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