filthy cellar

March 14, 2005

(alicey is in the kitchen. the cellar door is open, and mattgreen is down in the cellar getting something)

mattgreen: (calling up the stairs) you know all those bottles of water you insisted on buying and storing in the cellar in case of an apocalypse?
alicey: yeah
mattgreen: their labels are all going mouldy and disgusting down here. you'd never drink them now.
alicey: i would if it was an emergency. if we all had to live in the cellar because there really had been an apocalypse, you'd be GRATEFUL for my bottles of water!
mattgreen: ahhh, you wouldn't have time to drink water, because we'd be too busy... repopulating the planet!
(mattgreen's head appears, grinning from ear to ear)
alicey: i can assure you that there won't be any repopulating going on in that filthy slug-ridden cellar.

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