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March 09, 2005

one fantastic and unknown side-effect of having children is that nurseries, preschools and schools all have a book club magazine. not shitty book clubs, like those on the back of newspaper magazines, where you have to buy twelve books every year, but a really good one called "school link".

you can just buy one book and never buy any ever again. they have loads of books you might want to buy - everything from books for your child, to cookery books, to fiction. postage is free, and the books are delivered to the nursery so you don't even have to hulk them from the post office. fantastic.

the latest magazine came yesterday. it has so many books that i want that i am having to restrict myself to just eight. i chose seven and then i had to chose between this:

or this:

alicey: mattgreen, which one of these books do you think i should get?
mattgreen: blatantly the jordan one.
alicey: why? i think this one about the woman who had to fight for her right to justice looks very interesting.
mattgreen: [REPLY CENSORED]
alicey: (laughs)
mattgreen: now, if there was an umlaut over the "o" and it had an extra "l", then i might be interested.
alicey: (thinking, trying to work out which word it now spells)
mattgreen: (slight pause) now that's my kind of book: stöllen innocence.

p.s. for you cooks out there, the book club magazine also has nigella and jamie for £9.99 if you're interested. email me if you are.

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