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March 31, 2005

sorry i haven't been updating much lately. there isn't much to report. let's see...

at the moment i am spending most of my time doing three things:

playing world of warcraft

work is going okay. studying is going okay. world of warcraft is totally fantastic!
mattgreen and i have not been doing a lot of sleeping lately. i haven't got to bed before 1am for several nights.

i am playing a rogue, called cyanus. i can go into stealth mode and sneak about, picking monsters' pockets and then garotting them. i use two daggers to fight with, one in each hand, and i can vanish in the middle of combat if things get hairy. i have a long red cape and a mask. i will try to post a screenshot later.

mattgreen is playing a warlock called fraxinus. he has a shambling blue minion called "jhzzzzrt" who is always getting him into trouble. mattgreen sets monsters on fire during combat and blasts them with shadow bolts from his wand. he can make special stones that resurrect other people if they die. we are going to do a quest soon which will get him a new minion called a succubus.

it really is a totally excellent game. i hate to say it, but its a lot better than asheron's call. they have fixed all the annoying things and kept all the good stuff.

I agree WOW is amazingly good, totally hooked! Playing mage Gnome Engineer cool stuff!

Can't believe you're playing WoW :) What server are you on? Haven't spoken to you for ages. We want to come to Alton Towers with you and Mossy this summer!! Email me with your new email address, I only have your old work one. Nice to hear from you!
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