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February 04, 2005

this week i had to create a rain gauge as part of my science course. you need two - one which is just an empty cylinder, and another cylinder with a funnel in the top, to see whether evaporation has an effect on the results.

the course text suggests using tin cans and plastic bottles. i am sniffing around the kitchen looking for something suitable.

mattgreen: what are you doing?
alicey: finding things for my rain gauge!
mattgreen: what do you need?
(alicey explains)
alicey: the problem is, this bottle's neck is too long. it won't fit in the can.
mattgreen: (excited) i know what you need!
alicey: what?
mattgreen: (grinning) a pringles can! that would be PERFECT!
alicey: but... we haven't got any...
mattgreen: oh, what a shame, i'll have to rush out and get some. terrible sacrifice, all in the name of science.
alicey: hmm. i bet we could use that tonic water bottle as well, for the funnel! only... it's full of tonic. wait! we've got some gin in the cupboard, we'll just have to drink g&t's until the tonic bottle is empty.
mattgreen: who says science isn't fun?

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